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In the Beginning:

The Branch origins lie in a chance meeting of a group of beer fans and three hirsute SPBW members at the Great British Beer Festival 1997, where we were asked if we would like to join the society. At this stage it is only fair to say that we had not heard of the SPBW in any shape or form, but listening to the obvious enthusiasm this trio of weirdy beardy beer drinkers had for their involvement we signed up on the spot. Thus the Surbiton branch was born. Enthused with new hope and infused with old ale we wrote up a constitution, set up a series of monthly meetings and sat around in various pubs thinking "well, this is nice, but what happens next". Around the same time thoughts of a beer society were being entertained at the Willoughby Arms in Kingston and through a mutual acquaintance and an astoundingly good guest beer the two groups merged into one - the Kingston SPBW.

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