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Robin Shacklock

Social Media

I joined the SPBW around 4 years ago. As well as being National Vice Chairman, social media and Woodfest Organiser, I'm also the chairman of the very active North East branch of SPBW. We are blessed within our branch that local members and brewers and pubs have really bought into the idea of serving beer from a traditional wooden cask. They sourced casks from the Whiterose Cooperage in Wetherby, run by Alastair Simms, and the project has worked very well as showcased at the National Weekend in Newcastle in 2015. I myself currently own around 20 wooden casks of various sizes from Ankers, Firkins, Half Ankers and Pins. I currently work in the care industry but, I used to run pubs of my own many years ago (never got to look after a wooden cask unfortunately) but I did win many CAMRA awards for the quality of the beer that I served. More recently I was lucky enough to be the first Festival Organiser for Woodfest where, for the first time a National beer festival has been organised using only beer from the wood our first event was held in Castleford.

For anyone reading this who enjoys their real ale and are not already a member of the SPBW I do recommend that you consider joining our cause. There are many branches around the country to join check out the national website and find a branch near you.