The Society for The Preservation of Beers from the Wood

For information about beers from the wood


1.   Write a constitution -this is merely a set of guidelines for running the branch and may be short and simple.

2.   Recruit members.

3.   The membership may then wish to appoint a committee and agree meeting venue and frequency and set an annual subscription rate.

4.   Notify the NEC of contact details for the branch - i.e. name of branch, name & address and telephone no & E-mail address of principal contact and details of meetings (time, dates & venue). This information will be placed in Pint In Hand, so that SPBW members in your area can contact your branch.

5.   Inform the NEC of the number of copies of Pint in Hand required. This is the quarterly SPBW magazine & the address to which they are to be sent. The number of copies of PIH required determines the annual affiliation fee (or subscription) which is payable to the NEC.

Branch subscription rates.

These are £10 for 5 quarterly copies of PIH & then £1 per extra copy: i.e. 10 = £15: 15= £20: 20=£25: 25=£30 etc.

There is also a standing order form, downloadable form HERE.

6.   Send then affiliation fee to the NEC

7.   All branch members are then regarded as members of the SPBW and are eligible to attend the AGM & vote & to attend functions.

8.   Send a list of members to the Membership Secretary at the NEC.

9.   Contact Admin with details of the branch and set up a branch section on the Forum. All branch members with an email will automatically be registered on the Forum. A branch can also get a free website, linked off the main SPBW website.