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Patrick Deller

Wood Liaison

I was co-opted on to the NEC in early autumn 2012 having volunteered to take on the long-dormant role of wood liaison. Iíve observed that more and more breweries and pubs are becoming interested in serving beers from the wood, especially in 2015.

I work full-time in London, and am a member of the Central London Branch. I'm involved in the activities of CL Branch, and the Wood Liaison position seemed to be something not too onerous for one who is still working (but looking forward to retirement in 2017) and so can't devote large chunks of time to extra-curricular activities. I'd encourage others in a similar position to consider what they might usefully take on for as many or few hours as they can comfortably afford to spare.

CL SPBW was a bit of an eye-opener for me, living as I do in what was the real ale desert of Bermondsey in south-east London, where most of the community pubs have closed over the 30 years I've lived here. I found myself having to travel further afield to find a decent beer, and CL SPBW gives me the perfect excuse! There have since been some encouraging developments locally, with several microbreweries opening and two previously run-down pubs reopening with interesting ranges of real ales.